Thursday, February 26, 2015


Looking back through some of my earlier writings I came upon some quotes that I had come up with way back in the 1990's. This was at a time when I had just gone through some personal problems that had really been tough to get through. As I usually do, when I am faced with major decisions or trying to get back up after I have been knocked down by others, I write. It is my own kind of personal therapy. So today I would love to share some of the thoughts with all of you.

On broken relationships; Be careful that you don't lie around licking your wounds so long that you begin to like it.

It is not important if someone loves you, What is important is that you love them anyway.

You can mend a broken heart if you but take time to recognize all the love that surrounds you.

What good is a healthy body without a healthy mind?

Storms will come and go, but love is eternal.

Love left unexpressed often turns to sadness
Love expressed most often turns to joy.

An act of kindness directed to strangers
Returns to one as an old friend.

A true teacher will never refuse to learn from their students.

A mind that is always open begets learning
A mind that is closed reaps resentment

Friendships are like diamonds; Hard to find and always in need of polishing.

Without love the path is always long and hard
With love present the path only sometimes seems long.

When the heart is pure the mind will unclench.

These are but a few of the things I was thinking of way back then. Hopefully I will be able to share some more with you at a later date. I take leave of you now with thoughts of pure love, joy, and peace. May your day be filled with these things and much more!

Saturday, February 21, 2015


When I first began this blog I felt its purpose was for me to share things I felt I knew, while at the same time learning things from the friends I have made on this blog. For quite a while now I have been so interested in trying to figure out what this life really entails that I may have overlooked the simplicity of it all. From questions such as--How did I get here? Where am I going? Why am I even her in the first place? Is it all just a dream? Or maybe just one big illusion? On and on I could ask such questions but what would it really accomplish? I suppose just being a curious human being makes me wonder about things like that. But really, what does it all matter? I have met many really intelligent thinkers from my blog that have shared with me their thoughts on questions such as the ones I mentioned. I have come to conclude that there are many, many, possibilities about this experience we call life. But lately I just keep coming back to the realization, at least for me, that none of it much matters anyway. The only thing I can be sure of is that I will be here until I die and then hopefully go on somewhere else in  a new spiritual body. But even that don't matter. As my wonderful mother-in-law says- it is what it is. Can't argue with that! But as for me, I have decided that the only thing that really matters is pure unconditional love for all. I firmly believe that love is the answer for every situation. So now, I will continue on, probably still wondering about some of these unanswerable questions, but at the same time I am going to try my best to learn to live with unconditional love for all. It seems so simple to say love is all we need but I truly think that is about right. In closing I wish for all of you a full life that will be filled with lots of love, truth,joy, and beauty. And as always might I remind you to do something nice for someone today! I remain a dreamer, a dreamer of  a world where all of us live in peace and unity, and that we all have realized that we are ONE. As the great late John Lennon once stated--"I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one..." And I hope you will join us and the world will live as ONE. Welcome to my Dream.

Thursday, February 12, 2015


Yesterday while I was sitting around waiting on a package to be delivered I decided to get out some of my older writings and thumb through them. I love to do that from time to time as it helps me to remember not only where I have been but also where I would like to go. I admit some of the old writings seem so strange to me now that I have experienced several more years of living as a human being. I can honestly see my growth in many areas of my life. When I was young and dumb I thought I had already found all the answers I needed. Boy, was I ever wrong! Now I'm pretty much convinced I will never have all the answers. I also realize that some answers just have to be changed at times. Maybe I will share with you some of these older writings when the time is right. One thing I did find yesterday among my old tablets and pieces of paper was a list of sayings that I came up with long ago.I believe these were written by me in the 1980's and the the 90's. Not that the date makes any difference except that it helps me to remember just what I was experiencing at the time. Some of the sayings still ring true, for me at least, today as they did when I first came up with them. Today I'd like to share the one that was at the very top of my page. It read: How do you expect to fly when you never spread your wings? As I read that I then remembered that at that period in my life I was facing some rather difficult decisions in my personal life. I recall thinking to myself that I had become kinda stuck in some areas of my life and did not feel as if I was growing as much as I would have liked. Indeed I had become so secure in my own illusions that I had stopped trying to spread my wings so to speak and reach out for new experiences. Thinking that would mean my personal life would get even more joyful and filled I did just that. I spread my wings to soar and you know what happened? I allowed people and events around me to quickly drag me back down to a place that was ever so low and hurtful. Just eh opposite of what I had intended. But you know what else happened? I made up my mind to keep my wings spread and to get back on track and allow life to teach me any lessons I needed. It was a rough period for me but I got through it and was able to soar to heights that I had never attained before. And ever since that time I have tried my very best to keep on flying. There are times when I allow things to bring me down some but I have always managed to keep on flying. My sincere hope for all of you is that you have already begun your ascent to a much higher state and that even when things do go haywire that you are able to keep those wings wide open as you wait to the next updraft of knowledge to take you even higher. I leave you in peace and joy and please remember that as you go along your path to pause long enough to do something nice for someone else. Let us all continue to soar to new heights and aid those who may be having a hard time getting off the ground. Blessings to you beautiful people.

Friday, February 6, 2015


I am going back in time when I was a 34 year old single man. (Seems like another lifetime to me). It was 1986 and I had just met and started to see socially a lady who had 2 children. She had been divorced and myself, I had never been married. We hit it off and had a really good time together for about 4 years. It was during this period that I fell in love not only with her but those 2 darling children. When the relationship ended, (just 2 people who where at the time headed for different directions) It was extremely hard on me. Not only had I lost the woman I loved but also those 2 kids who I really did adore. After the breakup I tried to maintain a relationship with the girls and did the best I could to let them know I would always love them. The little girl moved to California with her mom and it did become harder to  keep in touch. Be we managed to talk with each other and stay in touch every now and then. Now the real reason I am sharing this with you now is to give you an example of just how much one person can do for another with something as simple as a phone call or letter. As all my regular readers are aware of I often ask my readers to do something nice for someone just because they can. Last month one of my older brothers made his transition from this planet after fighting a battle with bone cancer. And even though I am not one who believes that this human life is the only thing we have, I, like most everyone hates to lose someone we love. I was dealing with this as good as I could. Of course I was sadden and really felt bad for the loved ones left behind. One day when I checked my facebook status there was a beautiful message written to me by this beautiful little girl that I have always loved so much. Just knowing that she had taken a moment to write and let me know she was thinking of me in this sorrowful time made my heart feel so much joy that it made my way so much easier. Too me this is such a perfect example of how one little call or letter or visit from an old friend can make ones day so much brighter. And that is what I mean when I ask you to do something nice for someone just because you can. It doesn't cost anything, it takes very little time, and it helps the world seem a little gentler and nicer place for all of us. You would be surprised how much good you can do in this world sometimes just by saying hello. Or smiling a t someone. Or calling an old friend. I'm sure you know what I am speaking of. We, as a human family, can do so much more if only we take a moment and reach out with pure unconditional love to another. We are all ONE. And when we help someone else we are also helping ourselves. So I leave you with the hope that you right now look around and see what you can do to make this world a brighter place not only for yourself but for all of us. Much love to all you beautiful folks.

Friday, January 30, 2015


You wanna see something really sad? Just tune in the world newscast this evening. No doubt it will be filled with stories about senseless murders, terrorists, drugs, random shootings and the like. you know I could go on with many more examples but I won't subject you to that. This beautiful planet we call home is just so awesome in every way but many of us as humans, seem to try our best to ruin it for others. When are people going to fully realize that war is not the answer? Hiding our heads in shame is not the answer. Pretending it isn't happening is not the answer. Neither is politics, governments, cults, terrorism, or anything of a negative nature. What it is going to take is for each one of us to start treating others with kindness, respect, and love. And that is just a start. I firmly believe that we must as adults teach our children the way of love and peace for all. If we continue to teach them the ways of racism, greed, and the like we are all doomed. It has to begin with the children. We must teach them as soon as they are old enough to understand. I feel we are born into this world to love each other. It is only when we turn away from love and respect for others to a life lived in greed, hate, and prejudice, that we truly are lost. The children are the ones who will have to shoulder this responsibility to finally put an end to all the craziness we see going on all around us. The way we often treat each other is such a dirty rotten shame that I swear, I think even the man in the moon is crying. My hope is that each of you will do your very best to teach our children the right way to love others. And that will start us all on the road to real freedom. Remember to be good to yourself and even better to others if you possibly can. Right now, if you will, do something nice for someone, and become an instant part of our healing process for the entire planet. I leave all of you with thoughts of love, peace, joy, and oneness!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015


For some strange reason every time I open my blog it shows that I am from Winchester Virgina. Before it always showed the correct address of Paducah Ky. Even when I go to other blogs that track the traffic it says visitor from Winchester Va. Have I been taken over from a spammer? Can I chang e it back to the correct form? Can't seem to get blogger to reply to any questions so I am relying on some help from my fellow bloggers. Any help wil be greatly appreciated. THANKS

Friday, January 23, 2015


My home town is often called River City. Our main street which runs through downtown is Broadway. And the street runs directly to the conjunction of the Ohio and the Tennessee rivers.  Drivers and pedestrians alike come to the river every day. It has a boat ramp for the fishermen and skiers and is also used to host musical events on a stage which is erected close to the rivers bank. This is really a quaint place to either sit or walk by and take in the sights. The river is usually full of barges hauling goods down the river and pleasure boats and fishing boats can be seen often. I take time to either drive down to the river front or take a walk and sit on one of the benches any chance I have. It is a very beautiful place to visit. Over the years I came to find out that in the winter when the weather is cold the riverfront is oft times filled with river gulls. These beautiful birds have learned to come when the weather is cold and they find many people there who take time to scatter bread crumbs for them to feast on. One day as I stopped my truck I noticed all the gulls which were sitting in groups. As soon as I pulled up and stopped they all looked at me as if to say "Well, you got anything for us?" Then as I rolled down my windows they immediately flocked to where I was sitting. They are so accustomed to seeing people feed them from their car that they assumed I was going to do the same. However, since I didn't have any thing to share with them they quickly left my truck and went back to their own groups.  As I continued to watch all at once they all took off and headed for the same direction. I turned and saw that a car had pulled up a bit farther down the drive and had begun to scatter pieces of bread. They quickly became a swarm, fighting at times violently, as they tired to get their share of the food. As the pieces fell to the ground they all pushed shoved and prodded others out of the way. As I watched the man in the car got out and stood on the riverfront. He held out a entire piece of bread and held it aloft to see if any of the gulls would take it directly from his hand. Most would fly almost right up to the bread, hover for a few seconds, and then dart off with no reward. But I finally did see one gull who evidently was a little braver, fly right up to the man's hand and take the piece of bread and flew away. As he left I noticed several of the other gulls who had been afraid to do what the brave gull did. They started chasing him and trying to take the bread away from him. Finally the piece of bread fell from his mouth and landed on the parking lot. As that happened the other gulls quickly started fighting over the crumbs. I then saw the brave one fly back to the gentleman standing and holding another slice of bread. Once again he took it directly from the man's hand and flew away. This time none of the other gulls chased him as he flew away. They were all too busy fighting for the crumbs and did not know he had made off with another hunk of bread. After seeing this I began to think about how the actions of the gulls were so similar to our own human family. We can get so accustomed to looking for our good in one place that we continue to be content instead of looking for new places to find our "bread". And like the gulls who continued to fight with each over the crumbs below, they failed to look further up to find even a greater good. Those gulls who were afraid to take a chance and grab the bread form the man's hand were content to settle for a few crumbs while much bigger things were possible if only they dared to face their fears. The brave gull who got the greatest reward did so by risking his fate to try something different. And those who chased and made him drop the first piece were akin to those humans who instead of flying higher and taking chances seem to be content trying to take from others who are braver. How often do we fight each other for material gain? Why are some of us brave enough to try different avenues to receive our rewards while others had rather try and take it from those who earned it? I wish I knew that answer. I think it is a shame that so many of us are willing to settle for crumbs while we could be going after much bigger rewards. And those who prey on those who have succeeded on no better than the gulls scraping just to get by. The gulls know no better but we as humans should know the difference between right and wrong. I wish all of us would at this moment could take a quick lesson from that one brave gull I saw who was not afraid to soar higher and take a chance. This human family should be striving to find ways to help all of us attain peace, love, and abundance. If we continue to keep fighting over the crumbs eventually we will all lose. My hope for you this moment is that you decide to fly a little higher and live a life that is truly rewarding. I bless you all.