Wednesday, May 20, 2015


I'd like to follow up on my previous post about happiness. Is it possible to be happy at every moment? As my dear friend from England, Carl, reminded me, all of us need to feel sadness if not only so that we can more fully enjoy the happy times. There is much truth in that Carl and I agree. Is it possible to be happy at every moment? I'm sure most of us would agree it is not possible. But even though we don't seem to be able to I still think it is a possibility. Personally I've never known anyone who claims to be happy all the time. As of this moment I haven't learned to be happy every moment but I am still trying. And believe me it does seem to get a little easier each day. Now will I ever reach that state of perpetual happiness? I do have my doubts about that but at least I am becoming more aware of what it takes to be happy in the moment. I'd like to share some examples of what I mean. When I awaken in the mornings and my body is aching from some kind of physical pain, am I happy? No, but I could be happy just knowing I can get up and go about the day. Maybe I won't be feeling great but at least I am still alive. And there is always the chance the pain will ease up or perhaps go away all together. I suffer from chronic pain due to having broken my neck in an automobile accident when I was only 22 years old. The pain never goes away and I admit there are times when I think it is going to get the best of me. But with that being said, I try to remain happy in knowing that the broken neck could have killed me or left me paralyzed from the neck down. So instead of focusing on the pain I try to focus on the fact that I am able to walk around. Another example--How can I remain happy when I see someone I love die? Of course I am sad for the loss but I always remind myself that the one deceased is still with me in spirit and in warm memories. So the sadness is replaced with a sense of being happy once again. This process may take some time but eventually the sadness is gone. Another example is that of suffering from a broken relationship of some kind. I've been through that scene more than once and it is never easy. At those times I found myself really sad at first but I was soon able to see that the relationship had served its purpose and that was a better relationship waiting for me to discover! My happiness did not appear immediately because I am a human being. And grieving a loss of any kind is I suppose, a natural thing. Another example is that of money. Contrary to some beliefs I think money is a good thing! In this world we need money to be able to live a relatively "good" life. When I was much younger I thought money was the answer to all my happiness. And those few times when I found myself broke and penniless I was far from being happy. But as the years have quickly rolled away I discovered I could still be happy even when money was in short supply. Believe me, I know it isn't easy when the bills are due and you don't have the money to pay them. Or when you are hungry and don't know where the next meal is coming from. But I still believe one can be happy even when money is in short supply. The funny thing about money or anything else one may be trying to attain is that the harder you try the harder it becomes to make manifest. I have tried for many years to stop worrying about money and just know that whatever I need will be supplied at the right time. And with that realization I can stay happy. I know this life can seem "hard" and happiness can become so elusive that one may feel like just giving up. At the same time though I truly believe one can remain happy in most every situation if they look deeper into their spiritual center which always remains perfect. Will I ever learn to never be experience sadness? No, I don't think I will. But I can keep on trying. It has been said that one can as happy as they allow themselves to be. So my hope for all of you is that you will set your mind on being happy and work every moment to keep your mind attuned to all the possibilities that are inherent within you. And when you inevitably find yourself feeling sad, take a moment to just look around and see all the beauty that surrounds you. Be safe, do good deeds, love yourself and be happy! Take the road that leads to happiness and don't forget to share that happiness with everyone! Be good to yourself and even better to others. Keep on smiling as happiness rains down on you and yours.

Sunday, May 3, 2015


A verse from the song "Sweet Love" written by Lionel Ritchie and performed by The Commodores about says it all. The line goes like this: "If I was at a place where dreams are for dreamers and all you wished came true, I'd wish the world had all happy people, then there'd be no more wishing to do." Can you dream of a world that is filled with only happy people? I often dream of such a world. And my heart aches when I realize that this is only true in my dreams. But will my dreams ever come true? I'm afraid it will not. At least not in my lifetime. And still I wonder why. Why is there so much unhappiness, so much hate, and so much suffering in our world today? I realize that happiness is only a state of mind and that each of us have our own visions as to what it is that will make us happy. For some happiness means having lots of money. Or maybe finding our "perfect" mate. For some, happiness is having a good job, a great family, trustworthy friends, fame and fortune, or many other things we can possess. While all of these are great things to aspire to, I think it takes much more to find true happiness. I have come to find that the thing I need most is love. Unconditional love. I am trying to love myself and I'm still working every day to learn to love everyone in this world. And that is such a daunting undertaking at times. I find it hard to still love those who spread hate, fear, and prejudice and don't seem to care about anyone other than themselves. I try to see beyond the things they do and still find love in my heart for them. I can abhor the evil deeds they do and still love them the best way I know how. It is far from easy to do this and even though I fail time and again, at least I am still trying. I cannot deny all the evil I see people do. But I can at least keep on dreaming that one day soon everyone will learn to love themselves first, and then extend that love to everyone else on the planet. I truly feel that for one to love themselves they will have to put an end to all the evil ways. Love can be easy. Love can be extremely hard and very elusive. But the possibility always remains that one day all of us will see a world full of only happy people! I realize my dream may never come true, but as long as I am able to keep the dream alive, the possibility remains. I hope all of you wonderful people will join me in dreaming of a much better world. May we all quickly learn to be good to ourselves and even better to others. I leave you now with thoughts of perfect love, perfect peace, and perfect joy. If you will, do me a favor and do a random act of kindness for someone. Because you never know when your small act of kindness just may save someone's life. And that my friends, just might bring you more happiness than you have experienced in quite some time! And I thank you from the bottom of my heart for joining me in my dream of a better world for everyone!

Saturday, April 18, 2015


How did life start? How did we get here? Where are we going? What happens after death? Is there a God? Or Gods? Are there aliens living among us now? Are our governments in cohoots with each other to keep things hidden from the public? You know, I could go on and on with many questions that take on different meanings to each of us. But really, does it all matter? If I believe something should I try to get you to agree with me? I don't really think so. But still, I see many people go as far as to kill innocent folks just because they don't agree with their beliefs. How insane is that? I sure don't have the answers to life but one thing I truly believe in is that all we have is this one eternal moment and we had better learn to share this with everyone so we can stop all the fussing and fighting. We all come from the stars and will always be a part of each other. Of this, I am pretty sure of. But then again, if you disagree with me that's ok too. Each is able to arrive at their own "truth" at their own time. But I really do hope that everyone will soon agree with me in saying that all this needless killing of innocents has to stop! May we all learn to live in the moment with love and respect for each other! Give peace a chance people! Stop hurting each other and stop being selfish! May we quickly learn to be as good to others as we are to ourselves. At times I feel like throwing my hands up and just quit trying to see a better world. But if I did that then my dream would be over. So I suppose I'll just keep on dreaming. I leave all of you with thoughts of perfect love, peace, and goodness to you and yours forever.

Saturday, April 4, 2015


"Imagine all the people living life in peace.......(John Lennon)
Can you just imagine how great this world would be if we all learned to get along and live in peace? I think about that very often but realize there is so much more work to be done until we learn to love each other even  more than we love ourselves. But I can still dream! and I will continue to do so even when I see some radical religious group kill innocent folks because they do not ascribe to their beliefs. How strange to hear that there are those who kill and maim others in the name of some God they are trying to push on all of humanity. I just cannot imagine a God who wants innocent people killed because they don't follow some imaginary path to a place that awaits us after death. I really don't get it. Why do we hate others because they don't agree with our way of living? Why do we feel we are always right and the others are wrong? How can a person just kill someone for the sport of it? So much bizarre stuff that goes on in this world is totally beyond my imagination. For a second just try to see a world where every person truly loved each other. The only things we would have to deal with in that case would be accidents or forces of nature such as hurricanes, floods, tornados and the like. We would be able to do away with locks and keys. Imagine leaving your door to your house open all the time while it holds your earthly treasures? Why we could even put our gold on the front doorstep to shine while not being worried someone would take it from us! A world where everybody helped each other. No more wars and the need to spend millions of dollars on weapons. We could instead use that money to see that every human being had enough to eat and a place to stay. I could go on with many more examples but it wouldn't change anything. I know this will not happen, at least in my lifetime but I will keep on dreaming. That is the only way I can survive here, by never giving up hope for all of us to live as one. I know I can't "fix" this world and its problems but I can and I will continue to love others and hope you will to. Just love--that is truly all any of us need. I leave you with thoughts of perfect love, peace, and joy to each of you fine folks. Try to do something nice for someone today and see if it doesn't make you feel better about things. And please keep dreaming of a world where we all live in peace. May the sun keep shining down on your backdoor always!

Monday, March 23, 2015


I recently heard an old song on the radio called Put a Little Love In Your Heart. If memory serves me well it was a song done by Petula Clark. I may be wrong on the artist though, not that it matters. But I was struck by the simplicity of the lyrics once again as I heard it sung for the first time in quite a while. The lyrics say so much that I wish to share some of the song with you now. "Put a little love in your heart, and the world will be a better place for you and me, you just wait , wait and see. I know its getting late so please don't hesitate, put a little love in your heart, and the world will be a better place............... Simple but filled with so much wisdom! I would ask all of you to do as the song says right now so we can again be a part of the solutions instead of the problems. May the new week ahead be filled with much love, peace, joy, and kindness for all of you beautiful people. Let us all be good to ourselves, and even better to others.

After checking I found that the song was performed by Jackie DeShannon and not Petula Clark. Just wanted to give proper credit to the artist of this beautiful song.

Thursday, March 19, 2015


You may think you are helpless in trying to make this world a better place. I know there are times when I feel that way. I see the news and hear about all the crazy stuff going on all around me and I think to  myself: I wish there was something I could do right now that would make a difference in the way things are headed. And at that moment I always remind myself that there is something I can do. And then I do it! Is it something grand or spectacular? No, it isn't. Is it something that the news channels will be printing about? No, nothing like that I can assure you. And the best part of this is that you and anyone else can do the same thing! You wanna know what it is? In keeping with my concept of keeping it simple, here it is. Right now, take a moment and tell someone you love them. No matter where you are you can do this. If by chance you are out someplace all alone, maybe you can make a phone call. If you don't have a means to call you can still let someone know you love them. Just send some loving thoughts directed to that person and I truly believe they will feel it in some kind of way. Hey, I know it's just a small step and your actions will not solve all the world's problems. But if you do this you will have at least made the world better for two people. Yourself and the one you told that you loved them. And the more you do this the more you find that yes indeed, you can help solve the problems of the world, no matter what you have or where you are. I hope you will give it a shot at least! When you get accustomed to telling someone that you love them every day, you may then find that you are now telling more than one person a day. And that is when you are on your way to living a more satisfying life. Believe me, this old world needs your love now more than ever. And right now I hope I make the world better for a lot of people by saying I love you to all of you who are reading this. I may not know you but we are still one and love knows no boundaries! Enjoy the moment and spread the word. Love overcomes all! I love you!

Thursday, March 12, 2015


When I sit down to write in this blog I usually have some idea of what I am going to be talking about. But today I have not had a lot of spare time to give a lot of thought as to what I would write today. I started to just not write anything but as I was thumbing through some of my stuff I had jotted down so long ago I happened upon another page of thoughts to ponder. These were sayings that came to my mind when I was still so young. But I have found that most of them still ring very true to me today also. So in the keep it simple category here is the quote. Love all you see today, maybe it will start an epidemic. I wish all of you the very best of everything now and always. Just love, love, and love some more! It really does make this life easier!